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How a Landing Page Helped a Local Networking Group Climb to the Top

In today's digital age, a user-friendly website that has optimized conversion paths (i.e. landing pages) is a must-have asset for businesses seeking to grow.


In today's digital age, a user-friendly website that has optimized conversion paths (i.e. landing pages) is a must-have asset for businesses seeking to grow. Mike Continillo, founder of the networking group, East Bay Business Exchange, needed help creating a website that would build credibility and encourage local business owners to attend a meeting.

The Challenge 

Mike’s East Bay Business Exchange online presence was virtually nonexistent. 

When his group, the East Bay Business Exchange (EBBE) was formed, they lacked an online presence. The group needed an easy way to be found on Google and a site that encouraged interested members to reach out and learn more. Mike needed a site that would create the know, like, and trust factor for EBBE.

Mike knew he needed assistance and didn’t have the time or technical know-how to do it himself. 

The Solution

Mike and Tabitha had a chance to meet through the East Bay Business Exchange group. With Tabitha’s experience in web design and SEO best practices, she was the perfect fit to start designing a website for EBBE. 

Built on Wix

As an Icon partner with the website hosting platform, Wix, Tabitha has extensive experience in developing websites on the platform. Choosing Wix means clients don’t have to worry about plugin updates. The user-friendly platform also allows clients to manage their own sites, should they choose.

Complete Conversion Paths

The door is open and visitors are welcomed. By creating complete conversion paths that go beyond any pop-up form and in-line thank you messages, we direct leads to a dedicated Thank you Page. Prospective clients no longer have to wonder if their form inquiry was completed. Plus, the Thank you Page also offers additional opportunities to revisit other areas of the website.


The Results

Creating a site for the East Bay Business Exchange has proved to be incredibly beneficial to growing the group. The site is easy to navigate and the contact page gives interested members easy ways to reach out. 

 35.9% increase in conversions for the period Jan 1 - May 31 period over period.

Additionally, having an online presence makes this site findable when people do a Google search for networking sites near them. When someone googles “networking groups in San Ramon” or the East Bay area, Mike’s group is one of the only websites that show up in the search results. This not only helps them stand out, but also proves their legitimacy. The site is well-built with a lot of information and encourages people to reach out to the group.

Google search results for East Bay Business Exchange.

Mike says, “One thing Tabitha’s really good at is asking clients, ‘What do you want your website to do for you?’ She did a great job figuring out what my goals for my websites are and what I wanted my websites to do.” 

“You can have a website, but it’s important that it functions in the way that you need it to,” Mike continues. “Tabitha does more than just build a great website. She takes the extra step to focus on the client’s goals and needs.”

Mike and Tabitha continue to work together on quarterly updates.  “She’s really responsive and if you have a question or change or if something goes awry, she’ll just jump right in and figure it out,” says Mike. 

About East Bay Business Exchange 

In 2013, Mike formed the East Bay Business Exchange referral network to help other business owners connect and grow their businesses through warm referrals. 

About Near Me Web Design

Near Me Web Design provides custom digital marketing solutions to local businesses with 5-50 employees.  Would you like a website that works to help you meet your business goals?

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