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Maximize Your ROI

with a

Professional Google Ads Audit

Stop Wasting Your Ad Spend!


Are you investing in Google Ads but not seeing the results you expect?


Since 2012, we've audited numerous Google Ads accounts and discovered that most contain significant inefficiencies—meaning lost opportunities and wasted budgets.


Don’t let your ad spend leak away!

Why Book a Google Ads Audit with Us?


Leverage our decade of experience in pinpointing where and how campaigns fail to deliver.


We meticulously analyze your campaigns to identify not just the problems, but also opportunities for optimization and growth.


We’re committed to transforming your Google Ads into a powerhouse of efficiency and effectiveness.

Take the First Step Towards Smarter Advertising.


Book your comprehensive Google Ads audit today and find out how to stop the waste and start optimizing for success. Join the ranks of clients who have turned their campaigns around and witnessed tangible improvements in their ROI.

"I have had a great experience with Luke taking over my Company's Google Ads Account and I saw results very quickly. Now I am expanding my monthly program with him to include email marketing, Blog Posts, Newsletters and more." -Joe Alter

Get. More. From. Your. Google. Ad. Spend.

Our goal of the consultation is to help you get more out of your Google Ad spend and increase the amount of new customers.

Actionable Meeting Summary

Don't stress about taking notes during your consultation. You will be provided with a meeting summary within two business days. Should you need any help implementing the changes, we will send you a project plan and cost estimate.

What You'll Get

  • Discover if your Google Ads are wasting your $$.

  • Choose from a 30 minute high level review or a 60 minute deep dive.

  • Receive an actionable summary plan within two business days.

Book Your Google Ads Account Review Today

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"I have been using Upwork for about 10 years and have had various successes and failures, but I will say that with every project I have done on here I have learned more on what makes a good freelancer. I came to Luke after having gone through 4-5 other Adwords guys who all had made promises about optimizing my account and failed. 
As one final plea and with clear instructions that I only wanted the best of the best, I found Luke. Luke gave me a lot more then I thought I needed, he understood the project, asked lots of detailed questions and came up with a plan to deliver. While my project ended up being a lot shorter then I had imagined, I no doubt will use Luke again."

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