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EBook Design

Launch your ebook, whitepaper, brochure today!

You’ve written your ebook, whitepaper, or brochure and now you are ready to launch it and get it out to the public! Congratulations! Struggling with the design?  Allow me to assist you.


Your time is way too valuable to spend on learning new design skills.

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ebooks Designed Your Way


I get it. You have a vision for how your ebook, whitepaper or brochure should look and feel.  I can help you translate that vision into a viable digital download for you to offer on your website.  I can further assist you with the CTA, landing page and thank you page – ensuring a complete end-to-end user experience.

Benefit of Creating an ebook or other digital download


Offering a digital download, such as an ebook, is a great lead generation tool. It also gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise.  I always suggest giving your audience something extra that they won’t find on your website or social media pages.

DIY Method


Yes, you can do-it-yourself! But, do you want to? Do you want to spend precious time outside your wheelhouse learning (and re-learning) a new program to create (and recreate) your vision?  Your time would be best spent developing your marketing plan and networking…all the while knowing an expert is creating your valuable asset.

Tabify Method

Whether your digital download is a short or long ebook, whitepaper, or brochure I work with you and deliver what you request…and then some.  All of my ebooks projects include a FREE CTA (call-to-action) for you to place on your website.


Getting Started with your ebook design

Are you ready? Great. So am I. Let’s review my process and if you feel like it is a match then simply click the button (aka cta) and we’ll start creating your vision.


  1. Get to know you and your project call

  2. Official proposal and contract for your signature

  3. Delivery of any assets

  4. Ebook/whitepaper/brochure Proof created

  5. Feedback and revision request

  6. Revisions to asset

    1. FREE CTA proof

  7. Final feedback and approval

    1. FREE CTA included

  8. Upon Approval – delivery of asset(s)

    1. Raw files included

    2. Stock images included

    3. Fonts included (any that required custom purchasing)

Other alternatives?

If you have the PDF files but simply need some refreshing, organizing, and combining I can help you.  Be sure to mention that in your request so we are both on the same page for our project call.


Ready? Let’s get started.

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