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Social Media Ad Design

Engage your audience with laser-focused social media ads designed by Near Me Web Design

Since its conception, social media has expanded into a massive network of people all across the world. Putting an ad on any platform can feel like casting a pebble into the sea only to be overlooked and lost. Many ads share that fate, but only because their designs aren’t optimized for their specific audience, purpose, and platform.


No two social media platforms or audiences are the same. Each has its own characteristics, demands, and expectations. At Near Me Web Design, I design within the boundaries of platform restrictions and requirements to create effective ads that capture the eye of your intended audience.

How does Near Me Web Design create effective social media ads?

Research First

Before I design, I do a deep dive into your industry. I research your business, market, competitors, audience groups, and your intended platforms. I look for trends of past and current for inspiration and design opportunities. I also might recommend additional or other platforms. Additionally, I always check your platforms for changes in ad guidelines.

Designs Backed by Experience

As a graphic designer, I have extensive experience in researching, drafting, and polishing effective ads. I’ve designed ads that increased leads and sales for customers, reached new audience groups, and helped fulfill marketing goals. I’m well versed in the top designing programs, and regularly train myself in new techniques and program features.

Professional Toolbox

We utilize the following Adobe products: Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop. We also use Canva Pro for those clients who request their designs in Canva.

Proven and Dependable Design Process

Near Me Web Design uses a collaborative process to keep customers informed and satisfied at every step:


  1. A call to introduce yourself and your project needs

  2. Official proposal and contract for your signature

  3. Send me your style guide and other design assets

  4. Ad proof(s)

  5. Feedback and revision request

  6. Revisions (up to 2 rounds per ad)

  7. Final feedback and approval

  8. Upon Approval – delivery of ad(s)

    • Raw files included

    • Stock images included

    • Fonts included (any that required custom purchasing)

Best Practices of Social Media Ad Design

  1. Ads should be tailored to each platform and intended audience. Facebook is primarily used by millennials and Gen X, while Twitter and Instagram are more popular among millennials. Facebook and Instagram perform well for B2C (Business to Customer) advertising, while LinkedIn is better suited for B2B (Business to Business) advertising. Take a deeper look at the demographic breakdown of each platform, and see if your buyer personas fit.

  2. Ads should have consistent branding to strengthen audience perception. Don’t muddle your branding by whiplashing from one to another. If you decide to rebrand, make sure you commit or your audience might view you as indecisive.

  3. Ads should use Call-To-Actions (CTAs), and a specific one at that. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with multiple actions per ad. Design your ad around one goal, such as signing up for a newsletter or signing up for a free 30-day trial.

  4. Ads should have catchy visuals that convince viewers to stop scrolling. The visuals should be related to your product or service, such as demonstrating how your business can solve your customer’s problems. Visuals are especially important on visually-based platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest. Choose the right images to stand out from the clutter.

  5. Ads should abide by platform regulations, such as image resolution/size and ad content, or they risk getting flagged and taken down. Regulations vary by platform, so be sure not to mix them up. Near Me Web Design keeps a close eye on regulations to get ads right the first time, saving you from unexpected delays.

The fundamentals might be easy to remember, but if you’ve designed your own ads and graphic design isn’t your forte, you’ve had your share of fumbling through unfamiliar tools. Instead of wasting time, you can rely on Near Me Web Design to quickly get your ads ready for launch.

Ready to work with Near Me Web Design on your social media ad design?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which social media platforms are you experienced with?  I design ads for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

  2. What industries have you designed ads for? I have experience designing for retail and corporate industries, and for businesses small and large. Specific industries I’ve helped include dining, construction, home remodeling, plumbing, and education.

  3. Will you give me multiple ad designs? My design process is structured to be highly collaborative, so you know how your design is forming at every stage.

  4. How long will it take from design to delivery? The turnaround timeline depends on your project requirements. The design process listed above assumes your ads will be delivered in the same package, but if you want your ads designed on a rolling basis, turnaround time will vary between ads.

  5. What type of contracts do you offer? I offer one-time and retainer contracts. One-time contracts are ideal if you want a batch of ads for a marketing campaign, while retainer contracts are best if you want a consistent ad provider for all your campaigns.

  6. How much does social media ad design cost? This depends on your project scope, and if you work with me for one project or on a rolling basis. But if you schedule an introduction with me, I’ll provide an estimate during our call.

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